Guitar Heroes

What happens when a classically trained musician, equally at home playing jazz, blues and rock decides to put together a project honouring some of the great guitar players we have in the country?

Guitarist Steve Flack has not only been playing music but teaching it to a whole variety of promising musicians for the past couple of decades. Ray Beadle and a number of the musicians from Rastawookie are just a few of the many people he has tutored at his Liverpool music school. Flack’s overflowing enthusiasm for nurturing new talent is equally matched by his desire to play tribute to the fine stable of established guitar talent that this country has produced over the past thirty or more years.

The Guitar Heroes project came about almost by chance after Flack had chatted with Jim Guider from the Musicians Headquarters in Tamworth. “When Jim suggested I do something with a blues rock flavour” Flack explains, ” it seemed obvious. I’d had an idea maybe five years ago that I’d like to do a CD with the best blues players. So at this suggestion I thought, who would I like to play with?”

Flack then set about approaching a whose who of blues and rock talent from the established names of the 70’s and 80’s through to some of the burgeoning new artists on the modern blues scene. Not only was he surprised at the willingness of many big name musicians to become involved, but the way in which the various logistic problems (i.e. everyone getting together) were eventually overcome.

The resulting album features musicians of the calibre of Ian Moss, Mal Green, Ray Beadle, Chris Bailey, Pete Wells, Steve King, Ron Philpott, Gordon Rytmiester, Andrew Brodie, Denny Burgess, Adam Pringle, and Drum’s own multi talented Michael Smith (who also penned the cover notes). Recorded at a variety of studios over a six month period, the album is a diverse mix of some sixteen tracks spanning country and Chicago style blues, through Duane Allman and Johnny Winter style rockers to soulful ballads.

Gallery Info
  • Client: Guitar Heroes
  • Project Date: 2008 - 2015
  • Projects: CD Covers, Posters, Photography